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There is a great quote that says “A pub is a poor man’s university.” In many pubs, ideas are shared, stolen, improved, bastardized and, more often than not, forgotten.

A pub has always been where the community gathers to celebrate the good times and commiserate the bad. A pub really is just an extension of our living room, and as such, we want people to feel welcome like they are at our house, so do us a favour and keep your feet off the furniture…

Small Batch Brewery

Swans Brewery is a hands-on facility where blood, sweat, and beers are part of the everyday cycle. It’s a brewer’s brewery, where beer is made by walking, crouching, turning, carrying, digging, scrubbing, lifting, sweeping, laughing, spraying, taping, hauling, rolling, twisting, delivering, speaking, touring, tasting, tightening, and loving.

Illustration of brewing process


Swans Brewery logo


Scott and Peden at corner of Store St and Pandora St

Scott & Peden

The Scott & Peden Company builds a granary warehouse at the corner of Pandora Ave. and Store St. Here they operate a feed store that services all the farms in the Greater Victoria area.


Buckerfields building with industrial warehouse look


The Buckerfields company purchases the building from the Scott & Peden company to operate their downtown store. Buckerfields continues to provide services to local farmers.


Janion Building, Store St, Victoria, BC

Michael Williams

Local Victoria developer Michael Williams purchases the building from Buckerfields and starts the process of building Swans which opens in 1989. Even though most of his friends told him he was crazy for purchasing such as run-down building Michael forged ahead. Not one to follow the path, Michael once again proved them all wrong.


UVIC Campus

Michael’s Death

While on a flight to London, England, Michael Williams, unfortunately, passes away. Michael, always a supporter of higher education, donates his estate to the University of Victoria which creates UVIC Properties.


Swans Pub exterior with four logo flags

Swans Pub, Brewery & Liquor Store

Having been open since 1989, Swans has been home to lots of memories, even if they’re a little fuzzy. We thought it was important to try and tell, not just the stories of Michael, but those that came before him as well. For over a century, people have been creating stories in this building, just not all of them are true.