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While Swans Pub has been a popular stop to indulge your appetite and satisfy your thirst, Swans Brewery is a place that few people know exists. We assure you, it’s there… Tucked in the back. Many creative, thoughtfully crafted brews are manifested back there, with your pleasure and sociability in mind. We welcome you and thank you for trying it.

Hops illustration
Hops illustration

Craft Beer

When Swans Brewery opened in 1989, craft beer was almost unknown. All people knew was that it had more flavour and colour than what they were used to. What they grew to understand was that it was passion and love that made the difference. Well, that and the cool plaid shirts that you get to wear.

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Our Pub

Swans Pub is the only industrial warehouse pub in Victoria.
It’s a place to meet friends. A place to visit with your entire family. A place to pause while the noise stays outside. It’s a place to find your next friend.

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Our History

From the days of shipping yards & warehouses, steam locomotives & gambling dens, Swans has seen it all!

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