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Careers at Swans

Swans has been a part of the community in Victoria for over 30 years, during that time many people have called Swans home, be it for a summer while in university or starting a career. We can’t say where it will lead you but it won’t be dull.

Current Opportunities

  • SUPPORT — Pub

    This team helps to provide the backbone or support of many different roles. Servers, bartenders and the kitchen all depend on the support team. This position will provide you with an overall insight to the entire operation and act as a springboard for your next step. Ask anyone where they started and most will say here.

  • SERVER — Pub

    As servers, we are a team comprised of a unique collection of personalities. We are not a cookie cutter establishment and therefore don’t provide cookie-cutter experiences.


    Most bars and pubs order their beer from a brewery, we are a brewery. We are not a one trick pony though, our in house sommelier pushes us to expand our wine knowledge and our love of spirits helps us to create through our cocktail program. The bar is the heart and soul of any pub so we look for people that compliment the bar.

  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd COOK — Pub

    We are not a gastropub. We are a food program that pushes itself because that’s what we love. We look for ideas in strange places and generally start by satisfying our own cravings. We are a certified ITA Red Seal Chef program for those who want to start a career, but also just a happy bunch of pirates.


    The most important position in the kitchen and the place where every chef started.

  • SALES CLERK — Liquor Store

    Being directly connected to a brewery means that our liquor store is immediately different, it doesn’t mean that beer is all we know though. All of our suppliers spend a lot of time and effort to create their products so we try and educate ourselves so that we can help to sell those products.

  • FRONT DESK — Hotel

    Our front desk plays many roles for many people throughout the day. This position is literally the hub of the entire building. The pub, kitchen, liquor store and brewery all have daily interactions with the front desk, not to mention our hotel guests. This position is the ultimate host who makes everyone feel like they are in the right spot even if they are not.


    Housekeeping is described as the work and organization of running a home. We strive to have our guests feel like this is their home and we take pride in sharing our home. We still like to have fun, so we mix in a bit of Fawlty Towers just to keep it interesting.

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